Full Cup Catering

Corporate Lunch

Catering for business lunches can make meetings more productive. We’ll make sure you get a healthy, energizing meal. Whatever cuisine you want, we can make it exceptional. Does feeding your team require specific details like food allergies or diets? We will make sure you get the right food every time.



Angus burger – $12.00 

Comes with French fries, Cesar salad and fruit salad
(build your burger: bacon, cheese, lettuce, sweet onions, tomato, BBQ sauce) 

Stuffed pepper – $12 .00 (2 full peppers per person) 

(Beef, Chicken or Vegetarian). 

Comes with Greek salad and cookie

Lasagna  – $13.00 

(Beef, Chicken or Vegie)  

Comes with green salad and chocolate cup with fresh fruits

Shepherd's pie  – $13.00  

Comes with green salad and fruit salad

Angus Burger
Stuffed Bell Peppers


Please choose 1 main dish, 1 garnish, 1 salad and fruit salad or desert

Choose One Main Dish
 - Souvlaki – $13.00 (2 skewers per person) 

Beef, Chicken, Pork or  Vegetarian

 - Rainbow trout – $15.00 

Baked or fried of your choice

 - Quarter chicken – $14.00 

 - Chicken parmesan - $13.00

 - BBQ Chicken - $14.00

AND choose ONE garnish

 - Scalloped potato

 - Fried rice or rice with vegetables

 - Baked potato wedges with herbs

 - Pasta (Marinara or Alfredo)

 - Baby potatoes roasted with fresh herbs

AND choose ONE Salad

 - Greek salad 
(roman lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and feta) 

 - Cesar salad 
(Lettice leaves, bacon, parmesan and crunchy croutons) 

 - Green Medley 
(green mix, marinated red onion, cherry tomato and balsamic vinaigrette) 

 - Green salad

(Lettice leaves with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes with your choice of dressing)

AND FINALLY  Fruit salad or Desert

Fresh seasonal fruits will be great to finish your lunch


Cookie, Chocolate cups with fresh fruits, almond cookies, brownies and more

Chicken Souvlaki
Rainbow Trout
Scalloped Potato
Full Breakfast Service
Cesar Salad

We are flexible on menu and budget. We will be glad to build a special menu for your budget and fulfill your specific request. We also will be happy to serve you corporate breakfast and BBQ event.

Please call us for a quote 647-462-2650