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Small bowl (3 - 5 people)

Medium bowl (12 - 18 people)

Large bowl (20 - 30 people)

Greek Salad roman lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and feta$12.00$20.00$28.00
Cesar Salad roman lettuce, bacon, parmesan and crunchy croutons$12.00$20.00$28.00
Green Salad fresh seasonal vegetables$12.00$20.00$28.00
Green Medley green mix, marinated red onion, cherry tomato, feta and balsamic vinaigrette$12.00$20.00$28.00
Crab saladfresh lettuce, cucumber, crab sticks and mayo$12.00$20.00$28.00
 Russian potato salad with chickenHearty salad can be used as garnish to your lunch or dinner $18.00$30.00$43.00


Prices include 1 choice of garnish (Rice, pasta or patisserie potato). Prices are per person with minimum 10 people order. Please contact us for large group or smaller group.

Chicken drumsticks 2 per person $10.00
Fried rice 
(seafood, chicken, beef)
Chicken or Pork Souvlaki 2 skewers per person $12.00
Pork chop  $12.00
Angus burger 
(build your burger: bacon, cheese, lettuce, sweet onions, tomato, BBQ sauce)
Beef Souvlaki 2 skewers per person $14.00
Quarter chicken  $14.00
Stuffed pepper 2 peppers per person$12.00
Rainbow trout 
(baked or fried of your choice)
Chicken parmesan 
(whole breast fried with parmesan, under cheese sauce )
Sirloin steak 

Fruit salad

Fresh seasonal fruits will be great to finish your lunch.


(12-15 cups carafe)

Starbucks (Verona, Veranda)
Tim Horton's
 Carafe $12.00
FlavoredCarafe $12.00
DecafCarafe $12.00

Gourmet Tea

Mighty leaf varietyper tea bag $1.25
Green tea, black teaper tea bag


 POP variety: Coke, Pepsi, Ginger Ale etc. (Can) 330ml $1.00
 Juices (Can or bottle) 300ml $1.50
 Water (bottle) 500ml $1.00

Please call us to make an order 647-462-2650