Full Cup Catering



Cold Cuts $2.00 per piece

  - Ham and cheese
  - Prosciutto and bocconcini with basil pesto and balsamic vinegar
  - Chicken salad
  - Egg salad
  - Tuna salad

  - Italian deli with cheese

Cold Cuts Sandwiches

Deluxe meat  $2.50 per piece

  - Steak with vegetables
  - Chicken parmesan
  - BBQ Chicken with vegetables
  - Royal Chicken (with potato and mushroom)

Deluxe Meat Sandwiches

Vegetarian $2.25 per piece
  - Broccoli and cauliflower gratin 
  - King oyster with golden fried potato and sun dried tomatoes
  - Roasted vegetables with cheese
  - Roasted vegetables VEGAN option
  - Tomato, sweet onion and coriander

Vegetarian Sandwiches

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